Developing Customer Loyalty

via Angies List Company Connect Business Tips

As a business owner, your greatest asset is your customer. Many businesses tend to focus on building a new customer list and getting the new customers in for the first time. However, keeping those customers and getting their repeat business is often easier and less expensive than trying to get new ones.

Excellent customer service is the best way to ensure that your customers will keep coming back. Here are simple tips that are key to repeat business:

• Be a good listener
Take time to identify what the customer wants and ask questions.

• Identify needs
Communicating regularly can prevent problems from arising and also make the customer feel like they have your full attention.

• Personalize the product/service
Find ways to personalize your product or service. Everyone likes to have something created just for them.

• Give more than expected
Think about what will set you apart from the competition and make it memorable for your customers.

• Keep in touch
Check back regularly to see how things are going and encourage your customers to provide feedback on your business’s performance.

When a customer has been satisfied with your service or product, and is pleased with your customer service, they’re much more likely to purchase from you in the future.

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